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Who said we'll die tomorrow

Who said we'll die tomorrow is our new song and fifth release for 2020! It has been out since Friday, August 28th and is available on ANY online music-store or streaming-platform.

Last year, after we had released the EP ON A FLOW, we said we would release a full-length album in 2020. We started writing new songs just after the release of Pretty Little Things and had planned to start the recording-sessions with all the new material in January 2020. Then we would get into mixing, mastering, and finishing a completely new album all at once this spring.

However, we’ve changed our minds. Everything seems to be different this year and we are also adapting.

Instead, we will release one new song per month until the end of the year!

Yes, every month until Christmas!

That means we will be constantly working on those songs. We will finish producing song by song and we will put it out fresh and tasty right away. This way these songs will stay fresh for us, as well as they will be for you. 

Of course we will try to get back out on all kinds of stages, as soon as the situation is safe for everyone to go and enjoy live-concerts again. Unfortunately, there is little hope for the remaining concerts in July, August and September, but we will keep you up-to-date.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new music and let us know what you think about our idea.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and hope to see you all very soon again!

- Robby, Tim, Toby, Pogo

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BREITENBACH is a rockband. A german rockband with english lyrics.
Founded in 2009 by
Toby Breitenbach in Frankfurt, who originally wanted to record and release a solo-album with the support of Pogo TS and Robby Siemens.
During the first concerts using the name
BREITENBACH, the solo-project transformed into a real band, which lead to the release of their 2011 debut-album Starting Over.
The rock-trio released the singles
Sail Me, Waiting, Follow Me and To Eternity, played club-tours with international bands such as Dance Gavin Dance and Anberlin and finished the year 2012 with the release of their second album ready when you are.
Following that release was another successful tour with the south-african super-rockers Prime Circle, summer-festivals, concerts and the 2013 unplugged-EP
All The Way.
In 2014 the band took a big break, which ended in 2018 with a new flow, new songs and guitarist
Tim Kosack as the new band-member.
In May 2019
BREITENBACH released the single Pretty Little Things and on September, 13th the EP On A Flow with the second lead-track Supersonic Fire.
In 2020 BREITENBACH will release one new song per month until the end of the year.



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Cover Golden Scars
EP Cover On a flow
Cover Follow me
Cover Bad Illusion
Cover Pretty Little Things
Cover Ready When You Are
Cover Last Men Standing
EP Cover All the way
Cover Little Wonders
Cover Lucky Strike
Cover To Eternity
Cover Starting Over


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